Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Whole school Boot camp/The surprise

On Tuesday the 21st Mrs sharma said that Tamaki primary is having a HUGE SURPRISE after morning tea in the hot sizzling sun.I was excited for the surprise because it sounded AWESOME. Once it was past our wonderful morning tea the surprise began and everyone hopped in their houses in a straight line listening to Mrs kyla announcing that schools are doing a whole school boot camp and there are four stations at the green huge field,court,huge hall,and the high top court.My house was Tobruk and we started at the field,with Miss kyla doing burbies,moutain climbing,medicine balls and squats.Then we went to the courts with Miss iron and Whae Petra doing jogging,high knees,and jumping.When were finished at the courts we went to the top courts with my aunty Kelly,Mr minton,and my mum Salena and we did skipping,bunny hops,push ups and star jumps.Last but not least we went to the hall with Mrs manuag,Mrs lydico,and Mrs sharma we did holo hoops,jogging on the spot,lunges and sit ups.Then when we were done with the four energetic stations everyone was Breathless sweaty and exhausted and everyone went back to there amazing classes.

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