Tuesday, 27 October 2015


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Carra has 9 packets of cupcakes.
There are 7 cupcakes in each packet.
How many cupcakes are there? 63 because
Lydia has 8 packets of strawberries.
There are 7 strawberries in each packet.
How many strawberries are there?56 because 8x7=56
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Hevani has 7 packet of chocolates.
There are 15 chocolates in each packet.
How many chocolates are there?split 5 and 10 7x5=35 10x7=70 35+70=105
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Stepheney has 4 packets of lollies.
There are 27 lollies in each packet.
How many packets of lollies are there?Split 27 into 20 and 7 4x7=28 4x20=80 and 80+28=18
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Edith has 5 packets of cake pops.
There are 34 cake pops in each packet.
How many cake pops are there?34-4=30 5x30=150 150+4=154
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Rouruina has 8 packets of lollypops.
There are 39 lollipops in each packet.
How many lollipops are there? 39+1=40 40x8=320 320-1=319
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Arizona has 3 packets of ice blocks.
There are 19 ice blocks in each packet.
How many ice blocks are there?split 10 and 9
3x9=27 3x10=30 27+30=57
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Tiare has 6 box of books.
There are 39 books in each box.
How many books are there?39+1=40 half 40 into 20 20x6=120 and 20x6=120 120+120=240 240-1=239
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