Thursday, 9 June 2016

Ediths playground story

There once was a girl her name was lilly she was only ten years old she had a mother but not a father and one day they both went to the park as they were going to the park lilly had heard someone say “save your selves it is not safe” but lily just shrugged and went to the park she was playing and laughing and her mum was laughing too and then….
 Lily looked to the right and then looked at her mum but her mum was not there and then she felt terrified and scared she did not know what to do and then the voice came back and said “I told you” she was scared then she went out into the streets and was asking for help and then she went back to the park and saw a door she went into it and saw her mum and untied her and got out but then when she got out a man came and killed the mother she started crying and the had her funeral it was a really sad moment for her. Then a few years later they had a child and it was a girl and named it after lily’s mum and they went to the park but lily always brings her knife in case a man came up and tried to kidnap her of her baby.

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