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My responsibility as a milk monitor

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Hi I am writing a blog post because I would like to tell you happy I am to be a milk monitor not just because they get choosen to do something exciting at the end of the year.It is just also a privallage to be a good rolemodels for juniors and maybe even the seniors it is also a great thing to explore because I am also helping my school.

Thank you for listening and remember there's nothing wrong of giving feedback or feedforward
Well see you soon :D :D :D

Olympic fact finder

We are learning more about the olympics so we did a an olympic pop quiz.

Olympics at school

On the 18th of August the senior syndicate at the school had an olympic ceremony and a sports event to celebrate the olympics in Rio de janeiro, Brazil

Olympic rings and the meaning

WALT:Understand the meanings of the five rings since the olympics have come back to visit

ES - The latest Olympic news

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Maryanne Manuyag : How to Blog

If you would like to watch someone hillarious go to this persons blog she is one of the most creative and amazing person Maryanne Manuyag : How to Blog: Here is the last of our CyberSmart movies, before we go back to re-film some of our old movies from this year. Our Movie Masters group wante...

Maryanne Manuyag : How to Use Google Drawing to Share Our Learning

Wow!! Check out this video and blog so awesome and extreme click this link if you would like to see someone inspirational

Maryanne Manuyag : How to Use Google Drawing to Share Our Learning: In Week 9, our aim was to show others how to use Google Drawing. A new student started in the class next door and we were keen to create...

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OREO (Persuasive writing)

Story starts here: I strongly believe that my mum should buy me BK 4 times a week.I deserve Burger king because I always clean my room and the house and I think I deserve an award and I would choose Burger king and in conclusion that is exactly why I need Burger king.