Monday, 28 November 2016

Celebrating myself

IALT: Reflect on how I want to celebrate myself

How can I celebrate myself? (75 words) There are many was to well celebrate myself for example I could be happy I have achieved my goal, blogpost,  and the family I have.I will also celebrate myself for the way that I am unique because that is special and special is also celebrating yourself which is  amazing.So these reasons why and how I can celebrate myself and also because I am… AWESOME. But you are more awesome because you are unique like me and every human being

What should I celebrate about ME? (75 words)I should celebrate everything, because everything  is you, you are special.I should also celebrate myself because of my hobbies and my different facts.My different facts are that some people belive things but I try to make them bigger and it is also yes they dont go as but it was worth a shot which is life and that is my way to celebrate about me and that is also my different facts.

How can I encourage others to celebrate ME? (50 words)I can ecourage others to celebrate me by treating people how I want to be treated which is what everyone needs to know, and I can also celebrate them so that they might return the favour of wanting to celebrate how I do it to them.So these are  reasons how I would want them to celbrate me.

Friday, 25 November 2016


How did you find EOTC week? (50 words) If had to say I would say “extraordinary”. I would say “extraordinary because of all the adventurous and exciting things we have done this week, and best of all it was with the school so it was like hanging out with your friends, another best thing was that it was also is teaching us how to let  ourselves speak as we are, and that is called “Never being shy.

What was your highlight of the week? (50 words) “My highlight of the week?” they are just words, tough words because we did many cool and amazing tasks like for example: Bowling, Golfing, Slip & Slide, Movies, and team building.So as I said there were many activities to participate in that are exciting, but my highlight was the slip and slide, because it is nice to just cool down especially when summer is right around the corner.

How did you show the key competencies throughout the week? (75 words) I showed the key competencies by participating even if I was down because that is how I roll and you always need to do some sacrifice’s and participate things in the world because it is always good too.I also showed the key competencies because I was relating to others, not giving up and also the right attitude for golfing, and bowling and also other activities, so yes I was showing most of the key competencies and I felt proud and so should you and always participate.

This week was EOTC and it has come to an end so I have written my memories from this unforgettable week

Thursday, 24 November 2016

The secret life of pets

Today was a nice and steady play, speaking of plays we watched a movie called “The secret life of pets” it was an awesome movie, and it had 2 of my favorite things, Animals and Comedy.It was a blast.My group were fulled with boys, and I was upset but the movie was showing to get to know people which was another awesome bit about the movie it showed to at least to get to know eachother.My favourite character’s were the grandpa and duke one of the main characters.The movie was the best, and I will stop right here incase you’s have not seen it, and well bye.


Slip and slide, with a rotation ride.

As you may know we are having EOTC this week which is a blast , but yesterday was maybe a bit more chill.We stayed at the school because we were having a trip at our school which means to me, hoping in 4 groups and doing rotations.There were many activities to experience for example there were christmas tree making, pop up snowflakes, face paint, and also finger painting.These activities took the classes about 2 blocks and as for the last one we did a slip and slide.People were soaking and the all gave a little gift to Miss Morrison and Miss Ashley, which was hilarious and more attractive because Miss Morrison had to do patrols, It was a blast.

A golfing trip

While we were golfing we had to get in a group,I was with my mum “Salena”. My group was: “Me, Jose, Taonga, Lydia,Viliami, Taylor, and Arizona”.We had to get in pairs, it was Taonga and I, Arizona and Lydia, Taylor and Viliami, and as a soloist was Jose.We each got nicknames: Taodith, Lyzona, Tilliami, and Jose.We were in the T-rex zone and we spiced the game up by spinning around for 20 seconds and having a blindfold.

It was a crazy ride.

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

EOTC Students bowling time

As you guys may have heard this week is EOTC, known as Education, Outside, The, Classroom.
We get to do this for an entire week so isn't this fascinating, tomorrow we are all going to do cake decorating, and travelling to orakei for golf.EOTC is a great thing to have and I was lucky enough to reach it and enjoy the excitement.I had a great time as a tamaki student and hopefully you can too with all the excitement that is showing.

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Mannequin Challenge

Yesterday we did a Mannequin challenge. If you don't know what the mannequin challenge is it is when a group stays still while someone is recording.Here is our Mannequin Challenge , and we dear the seniour syndicate to do the mannequin challenge.

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Summarising sheet (In the beginning edition)

Summarising sheet

Title:In the beginning
Author:Peter Gossage

Write below 5 key things that happened in the story:

Papa and Rangi (Mother and father) Loved each other
They had darkness and had 6 sons
Sons did not like a cramped dark life
They made a plan to push them apart
They then became the family gods

Write below 10 key words from the story:


Use the key words and things that happened in the story to write 3-4 sentences summary about the text.

  1. Some of the brothers were tired of their dark and cramped life.
  2. In the beginning there was Papa the mother and Rangi the father.
  3. Tu tried to move his father but he could not even though he heaved and strained.
  4. Tawhirimatea sadly sat, he thought it was cruel to separate his parents.
  5. Tane pushed his father's chest with his legs and with almighty he straightened his legs.

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Room 10 @ Tamaki Primary: Making Choices by TPS Student Leaders

Room 10 @ Tamaki Primary: Making Choices by TPS Student Leaders: Kia ora. At Tamaki Primary we have Student Council Leaders. These students are the role models of our school and are great examples of o...

look at this for a hint of the manaiakalani

Friday, 4 November 2016

Wednesday, 2 November 2016