Monday, 28 November 2016

Celebrating myself

IALT: Reflect on how I want to celebrate myself

How can I celebrate myself? (75 words) There are many was to well celebrate myself for example I could be happy I have achieved my goal, blogpost,  and the family I have.I will also celebrate myself for the way that I am unique because that is special and special is also celebrating yourself which is  amazing.So these reasons why and how I can celebrate myself and also because I am… AWESOME. But you are more awesome because you are unique like me and every human being

What should I celebrate about ME? (75 words)I should celebrate everything, because everything  is you, you are special.I should also celebrate myself because of my hobbies and my different facts.My different facts are that some people belive things but I try to make them bigger and it is also yes they dont go as but it was worth a shot which is life and that is my way to celebrate about me and that is also my different facts.

How can I encourage others to celebrate ME? (50 words)I can ecourage others to celebrate me by treating people how I want to be treated which is what everyone needs to know, and I can also celebrate them so that they might return the favour of wanting to celebrate how I do it to them.So these are  reasons how I would want them to celbrate me.


  1. Hello, Edith I really like how you added punctuation in your writing. It showed me how to use speech marks properly.

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