Friday, 15 December 2017

Goodbye Miss Morrison :*( :*(

Kia ora and #MARRYBLOGMAS, today was the last day of school and today we had to let go of 2 lovely teachers that touched all of the tamaki primary hearts and I don't know if you guys remember Miss Morrison but she was my teacher last year and she was the most awesome teacher in the world and it was so sad to see her go. Here is a speech I said;
"Miss Morrison was my first senior teacher and she was the absolute best, she taught me that it was okay to be myself even if other people didn't like it she loved it and I am thankful to have her, Miss Morrison I love you and wish you the best!".
Much love

Link to video

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Thursday, 7 December 2017

Christmas in NZ

Thank you Santa!!!

I really appreciate my presents because… I really needed a jacket because I have been needing one since I don’t have that much jackets. I also need socks because well everyone needs them and I had no socks and If I had them they  probably would have holes in them. I really enjoy the ball because it so much fun to play with and I really like catching it in the air.

Thanks santa you made my christmas!

History of Christmas lights

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Friday, 17 November 2017

How to make a didgeridoo

Room 7 is learning about traditional games but we started off with the history between history.
This is a video of me telling how I made a didgeridoo.

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Native Americans - Drawing

My dotted boomerang

Room 7 decided to do artwork with dots so I filled in a boomerang with dots because I thought it was so cool and creative, but it was hard to do dots sometimes it goes in a line instead of a dot. But it was really cool and I hope we do it again. I also did a mountain but there is not a photo.

WALA Aboriginal art!

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Ms Aireen's Teaching Journey: Our School - Tamaki Primary School - by TPS Studen...

Ms Aireen's Teaching Journey: Our School - Tamaki Primary School - by TPS Studen...: What is it like being a student Tamaki Primary? The student leaders @ TPS will tell you what it is like being a student at Tamaki Primary S...

Watch the student leaders song from Manaiakalani as it is absolutely beautiful!


Tuesday, 7 November 2017

WALT use dialogue in writing

Rules for using dialogue
  • Make sure it serves a purpose  - if you could read the story without the dialogue and everything still made sense, you don’t need that dialogue. There needs to be a point to the dialogue. Does it drive the plot forward? Does it tell you something about the character?
  • Don’t overuse dialogue tags - said her, said him, said said said said. Sometimes you need to use more interesting tags (replied, quoted, explained, responded) or sometimes you don’t need to use any tags.
  • Don’t make them talk in a vacuum  - in life, other stuff happens while you are talking. Making coffee, coughing, checking phones, etc.
  • Write dialogue like someone is talking  - most of the time people don’t speak in full sentences.
  • Remember who your characters are - an old lady wouldn’t be screaming, a joker would always say something funny, a mean old man wouldn’t use manners.
  • Use the right punctuation.


Two people talking

“Hi” said Edith
“Hi” replied Lia while she adjusted her glasses.
“How’s life treating you?
“Who's your favourite teacher?
“It’s a secret?”
“Mine is Mrs Barlow” interrupted Joshua as he put down his coffee.
“Yeah she was a good teacher” Edith agreed nodding her head.

When two people are talking you don't need to say 'said Edith said Lia' each time. Once you have established who the characters are, they can just talk and you don't need to say it again and again. When you add a new character (Joshua) you need to say who talked afterwards to re-establish the order.
*make sure your characters are not in a vacuum - Joshua put his coffee down, Edith nodded her head, Lia adjusted her glasses. People move as they talk, you need to include that!*

One person talking
Joshua put down his coffee. “My favourite teacher is Mrs Barlow” he thought.
*When only one person is talking you just keep writing across the page, don't skip down*

My examples:
“Hi” said Merrielle
Lia replied “Hi”
“What did you have for breakfast?
“Eggs, Scrambled eggs”
“Did you do anything at school this morning?”
“I went to room 8 and played games”
“What game?”
“I forgot”
“Um, what did you do last night?”
“Mmhm,I forgot”
“Um, what have you been learning at school?’
“Thats cool we're learning about that too!”
“What's your favourite colour?”
“Who's your favourite teacher?”
“It kept changing”
“What are you guys doing “ interrupted Edith.
“Nothing” added Lia.
“Talking about anything” said Merielle.
“I'm tired”
“Me too i didn’t get enough sleep last night”
“Okay bye!” we all said.

Finish this example!

The old lady got onto the bus slowly. Left foot up. Right foot up. Left foot up. She went to take her seat at the front of the bus, walking to the back would take her an eternity. She glanced at the front seat.
**add your dialogue here**
“Aloha Mister, may you please be a dear and scootch over a bit please” Politely asked the old lady as she was craving for the seat.
“Ummm, I don’t know if you can see but I was here first and I have to go to the shop for my mum because my mum just sprained her ankle” yelled the young man
“Oh well, I really want this seat but I’ll just go I guess” (The lady walked, but then stopped)
“Wait but the shop doesn’t open until tomorrow and it's labour day!”
“Umm, no SHUT UP”
“Did you just yell at this lady” This woman asked
“No” The young man lied
“Well I think you should get off the bus, If you are going to be rude!” Yelled the bus driver to the young man. So the young man hoped off and the old lady got the chair she wanted.

Root word - Graph(y)

Friday, 27 October 2017

An old story I have written - Ramona went to Russia

Today I have found a story that I wrote when I was a year 5 or 4. UNFORTUNATELY I have not finish the story but I hope you enjoy.


Ramona went to russia
Intro:On the  29th of February my family thought I would be a pleasant Idea to go on family vacation in…  Russia, I live in Australia so we were 9,977km away which is about 9-20 hours so “wooahhhgggkkkk”  I sarcastically moaned.

The flight there: The flight was even worse than I imagined because it was Embittered because whenever  I was pledging to  read my book “Tom Gates, Dog Zombies rule (For now)” I kept hearing “The Flight will now begin” or “We are having a delay will be ready in the maximum of 10 minutes” which was very weird because it like took half an hour. During the flight I had just recognized that it was night which is odd because when I last saw Australia it was 3am in the morning and it was a beautiful morning, and because it was dawn it made it more incredible.

Were in Russia:  When we arrived the first thing
I noticed was the intelligent statues.


Thursday, 26 October 2017

Yoga challenge 2.0

On a fine Thursday morning it was the 26th of October 2017, and unfortunately Miss Ashley was testing so we had another amazing teacher… MISS FEPULEAI!

“Good morning Room 7” Miss Fepuleai announced
“Good morning Miss Fepuleai” Room 7 echoed
“To start off we're doing writing”
“Ughhhhhhhkkkkk” the class groaned
“To make it fun we will start with a Yoga challenge 2.0”
“Ughhhhhhhhkkkkkyayyyyyyyyyyy” the student went quite cheerful we had to get in pairs mine was Grace again.

The first pose was quite tricky because it was like doing the splits but leaning on eachother with our hands. If I had to name it, it would be the Trip Split, it was very trick since we were in the classroom, during each lesson we did inhale, exhale. Some poses were tripled so we had Merrielle with us.

The poses were really difficult so we had to lift each other up so we don’t fall During each break Miss Fepuleai told us to relax and just breath so we won’t disturb other classes but Grace and I couldn’t do it we found all the poses very odd My favourite was the 6th pose because we had to stretch our legs and arms to do the same pose.

My favourite pose was when we lifted Merrielle on our knees while she does a handstand.

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Room 7 Partner yoga challenge

ROOM 7 Partner yoga challenge
IMG_0267.jpgTuesday, 24th of October 2017, Afternoon
The chairs were going up, the tables were being flipped, and the was freedom on the mat “What are we doing?” Exclaimed the students
“Are we going out for PE?” we added unexpectedly
“Nope” Miss announced
“It's a surprise” there were wondering faces.

Once the class room was spotless Miss finally decided to tell us what room 7 will be doing on an astonishing day for the afternoon; “Were doing…OH MY GOODNESS BOYS CAN YOU LET ME FINISH WITHOUT USE INTERRUPTING” It was dead silent after that voice arguing  “Carrying on were doing… THE PARTNER YOGA CHALLENGE!”

“woaahahahdjksfk” there were 2 hands of this story because we could play a game or break a bone. In my mind I was pretty sure it was to make the test a bit more exciting and not so… BORING.

For this certain activity Miss EXPLAINED that we had to be in pairs of the same gender; my partner was Grace so she was a tiny pinch FLEXIBLE. Was we had our buddy Miss instructed and premiered unique types of poses, during this lesson our goal was to match the picture on the TV and take a photo for our stories.

The poses were really difficult so we had to lift each other UPRIGHT METICULOUSLY so we won’t be CRUMBLED ON THE FLOOR. During each break Miss thought it was a could idea just to breath in and out so we don’t stink up the classroom and our uniform; ‘’Inhale, Exhale’’ Grace and I couldn’t do it we found all the poses sooooo hilarious (We were so Boisterous).  My favourite was the 6th pose because we had to EXTEND our legs and arms to create the perfect recreation. The hardest pose was probably when we one person had to do a bridge and the other had to do a elbow stand as the destination would be the other person's strong boulder knees

This was a great exercise and I am desperately hoping we can do it again. Hopefully this story gave you a fantabulous picture of the time.


Tuesday, 24 October 2017

A teamwork exercise

“UGHHHhhhh” everyone was groaning but others were very excited; I think I was both because on one hand we have already done this exercise and on the other hand we were going to start the day with a fun little game.

On tuesday the 17th of October, Miss Ashley was really committed to find a solution to make writing a bit more exciting. “Today we are going to be do  a blindfold challenge; how this challenge works is that we have to pair up” my buddy was Syraiah - lee then we wrap the blindfold around the partner's eyes like a burrito; after miss finished explaining the exercise we started.

“This is really nerve-wrecking” I was thinking because I started off with Syraiah - lee and I felt like a leader but when it was my turn I was super petrified. Scared. Horrified. During the obstacle course I could hear people screaming, yelling, and tripping  which was really distracting but I knew that Syraiah - lee was trustworthy so I felt really confident and comfortable. “forward , right… your other right, crawl, left, forward, backward I was stressed.

As this exercise was continuing on it was very breathtaking because you might fall but I am probably just exaggerating because before I knew it was at the end basically scratching the wall. When I touched the wall we just came to an ending where we have to do describing words which made me quite disappointed because it was still the dreadful morning.

During the lesson I have learnt to always give things a try no matter how petrified you are just give it a shot and you will be amazed of how great the task is.


Bi - Word study - Root words

Thursday, 28 September 2017


Ako learning evening

Yesterday we had an Ako learning evening which I found fascinating. I had an amazing time and I hope you enjoy this blog reading about.

Here are the 4 display boards we created to show our learning

Here are some games that we showed the parent; the parents also participated.

Chatter rings
Painting the planets

This was so fun; hope you enjoyed.

Friday, 15 September 2017

LIon presentation

As you may know Grace and I have been learning about the history, we have been learning Lions because first of all, We had to give a presentation  to Room 8 and also some Room 5 students, and second of all we will be going to the Zoo, so we went to the Zoofari yesterday but I thought I would show you the presentation, Script, Video of Grace and I, and also the quiz we created using the Kahoot website. website.