Thursday, 28 September 2017


Ako learning evening

Yesterday we had an Ako learning evening which I found fascinating. I had an amazing time and I hope you enjoy this blog reading about.

Here are the 4 display boards we created to show our learning

Here are some games that we showed the parent; the parents also participated.

Chatter rings
Painting the planets

This was so fun; hope you enjoyed.

Friday, 15 September 2017

LIon presentation

As you may know Grace and I have been learning about the history, we have been learning Lions because first of all, We had to give a presentation  to Room 8 and also some Room 5 students, and second of all we will be going to the Zoo, so we went to the Zoofari yesterday but I thought I would show you the presentation, Script, Video of Grace and I, and also the quiz we created using the Kahoot website. website.

Friday, 25 August 2017

Meaning of words I learnt at PWC

Here are some words from flip and there meanings.
singing, dancing, mime, and more at public place to get money.
Being able to put money in it and use it until it is fully paid.
Expense of a taxable income.
To make less in amount, degree, and size.
An insurance company who will pay some money for your house insurance, car insurance,contents insurance and other insurance groups.
Your belongings, and what you own.
What makes you unique and your information that's private.
Money you get paid from work or you earn.
Your culture.
Another word for salary and an amount of money you usually get paid.
Part of an insurance claim to be paid by the insured.
Allow someone to borrow a belonging and then return it.
Able to be rely on someone no matter what.

Isaac Newton expirement

WALT: Find the history of electricity.

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Don't mess with a little girl - WALT work in buddies and create narrative stories with the backwards S method.

Don't mess with a little girl
Once upon a time at exactly dusk til dawn there  was a magical island beyond the clouds; around the corner of this beautiful whereabout was a dark haunted cloud filled with all of the rejections for the earth and making it a wonderful place to be. Down the further end of the cloud was a rusty cave that was restricted for all creatures and Humans. In this cave was a family filled with flying, magical, fire breathing dragon.

One day when the family had left the eldest dragon alone, he kidnapped a little girl from the other dimension and decided to put a  magic spell on her but little did he know he had read it wrong and accidentally alternated himself into a...GORILLA (“DUN DUN DUN”) as he turned into a gorilla the girl and himself descended for the clouds to the real world. When they had roughly fallen, they both fell in different positions of the city ‘egvc’, when the gorilla fell he landed on his head and forgot a plethora of memories. 3 years later the gorilla was balling his eyes out as he lost everything on the night that he tried to to turn the girl into a gorilla but he transformed into a gorilla, and he could not ask for any help because they would never trust a gorilla, when it came to a dead end the gorilla just kept wishing that he would just rest for eternity.

One day he was walking like a sloth and a girl recognized his eyes and poked him in the heart with her lollipop stick and out came a huge fly which turned out to be the dragon but the dragon had better powers now because he can transform into anything and after the girl saved his life he decided to apologize for kidnapping her and he changed his personality to goodness instead of evil and he persuade his family to do the same thing, the family and the girl were friends and had parties together.

So the end of the story was his family and himself were good, well… for now!    

An old lady situation

An old lady situation

An old lady (Marge) and her three stunning granddaughters (Shay, Jess, and Ella) were all going for a lovely stroll near the ‘Waikato” forestry.

When the time had taken over to a fork in a road, the old lady had realised that she forgot her glasses and she went left as her granddaughter went right. When the granddaughters had realised that their grandma wasn’t there they searched about an hour and a half just look for there grandma.

When Shay, Jess, and Ella couldn't find their grandma the eldest shay decided to demand the police to come; when the police had arrived they went straight to the forestry and out of nowhere they saw a cold, devastated, demented old lady hugging a tree, and then the daughters and cop zoomed straight to her and the old lady uttered “I lost my glasses and turned on the wrong footpath” and Ella replied with “Here are your Glasses”, and then the cop went back to the station while the grandma and granddaughters went home and had a hot chocolate with some delicious caramel tim tams.

The end.

Haiku poems

Dancing timeline

WALT: create timelines on our favourite hobbies

Monday, 31 July 2017

Samoan language week

Image result for samoan flag
To celebrate one of the most beautiful islands I have seen my group and I decided to create a video to present our learnings to you!!!

Samoan Language Week


Image result for tamaki primary
Starring: Grace, Hevani, Coralee, Hiria (extra), and edited by Lydia and I (Edith :p)

WALA: the history of Hip Hop

WALA: the history of Hip Hop!
The main point of Hip Hop includes 4 unique categories that create Hip Hop and what it is. The 4 elements are things that don't seem that familiar to Hip Hop but when you learn about the history of it and really read about it; These are the names of the elements:

  1. Art - Graffiti, Graffiti is an art to express how you are feeling through spray paint.
  2. Dance - The dance is called Break dancing but their are many names like: Breaking, B girls, and B boys.
  3. Music - The music for Hip Hop can be anything but the main type of music are... Dj and Remixes.
  4. Poetry -  So this is the most confusing element but it makes a lot of sense when you find the meaning behind this which is...rap and if you are still confused poetry is like a less fun version of rap, which is why rap is in the 4 elements.

Thursday, 6 July 2017

Protein - Term 2 edition

This is my Protein poster for the food market and I thought since the term is finishing I would put this poster on the blog!

Monday, 26 June 2017

WALT summarise a text

Today I am learning how to summarise stories from articles and understand my answers. This is for current events and the topic is reading and writing combined.

Monday, 19 June 2017

Why homework is... IMPORTANT!

Why homework is IMPORTANT!

You're probably thinking to yourself “Why do I have to do homework??”, well homework is very important and I am going to tell you why!

In my opinion, I used to think that homework was the absolute WORST!, but then I thought to myself about “Homework; why is it important?”, which leads us to our first  reason and example why homework is important. The first reason homework is important is something called… RECAP. To be honest you always need to recap your work because when you don’t recap you will learn something but also loose it, for example when you learn something brand new it gets stuck in your mind and you just need to get it out of your brain like imagine what that learning ability is say… “PLEASE LET ME OUT, EDITH NEEDS TO LEARN SOMETHING NEW!”, see imagine how much trouble they're probably having to get the information you think you don’t know.

For the next reason is… boredom. Homework can actually be fun if try to put in some free time; for example if you are a busy person I understand because I am a person that has to go to sports training, but if you are a genius or possibly just someone to finish their work fast you can use that free time to finish off homework. On the other hand, if you are a person with no after school activities and a slow finisher, you are pretty lucky because if you get so bored you can just ask your teacher for homework on what you're stuck on.

The final statement of why homework is important is because when you do homework you can develop new skills so it is going to be a whole clump of easier work for you and it is going to be easier for paying attention and making much more fun and mind blowing, apart of this reason is finding older work less diligent, and you can develop enough skills to save the world and do beautiful things to it by sharing your knowledge to the world to make their lives absolutely… AMAZING!!!.

Therefore these are my statements of why homework is important.

Tip Top recount

Tip Top :D

Today the middle syndicate (Rm5, Rm 6, Rm 8, and If course Rm 7) went to the Tip Top factory in Auckland, NZ. They firstly had 1 hour to finish off left over work but we are going to skip to the start of the trip.

“I can’t WAIT!, I’m going to Tip Top today!”, I thought to myself while I was approaching to the door of Room 6. I was really excited but as I was about to scream I heard a voice from Mrs Sharma which was “Before we leave, we need to put you’s in your guys group”, I was one of the last people to be chosen but little did I know my group seemed to be all my best friends which are Lydia, Hevani, and Grace, with my favourite Uncle, Uncle Daved.

On the bus it felt for 20,0000 years because it was so long and the factory was so far well in my opinion. I was so excited when we vanished out of the bus because I just wanted some Ice Cream and find out what it is made of; but just my luck I had found out we wait for like 1 hour and 30 minutes but it was fine because we had fun games like Cards, Chess, and pick up sticks, there was also a park. Once we got to inside of the factory I got to learn heaps of things like…:
Ice cream is made out of 7 ingredients (ice, cream, milk, sugar, main ingredients.flavouring, candy optional, and colour optional), I also learnt that the fridges that they keep are like ours and have the same temperature (4*C), the top 5 ice creams are Vanilla, Hokey Pokey, French Vanilla, Boysenberry, and Cookies’n’Cream.
We also got to eat Ice cream and watch the information and how Tip Top grew.

When the trip I had a huge frowny face because imagine if you had a dream that you won $60,0000 and you woke up to no money because that is how I felt. After I had stepped into class I found out it was school but then I thought to myself “Edith we can do this I mean you are an amazing writer”, so I felt a lot better because with that boost I was absolutely amazed of how my story was!.

This is my recount about Tip Top, I hope you enjoyed because I know I did!.

Seed Savers 2 DLO

Seed Savers 2

WALT: Critically examine food advertisements

WALT: Critically examine food advertisements

This advertisement is selling a Mcdonald's burger because if you can see the title you can see whats in the burger. I really like this picture because I think it is very creative and it compares 2 things I love, Books, Burgers, food, and Mcdonalds.

This advertisement is selling Taco's from Taco bell, this picture persuaded me because I LOVE TACOS, and since were in NZ we do not get Taco Bell and I would love to try it. It is also like a game and I love games.