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Water worries

T1 W5
I am learning to summarise a text
I can put the main ideas of the page into one or two sentences
Water Worries - School Journal, L3, April 2012

Write a summary of each page in the box on the right.
Remember you should only have one or two sentences to summarise the ideas for each page.

Page 38
This page is about…
How every drop counts, and how water is very easy to take for granted.
Page 39
This page is about…
An endless cycle.You can get water from everywhere, and the cycle is known as “The Water cycle”.
Page 40-41
These pages are about…
The water cycle, which tells you different way to get water.This page is very interesting because it tells you about many things, which is like , River, Hail, Rain,  or Snow.There is also a new word I learnt which is “Vapour”.
Page 42-43
These pages are about…
The problems, it is about the problem that could affect water.
Page 44
This page is about…
How many countries and rivers, have shortage amount of water, or that the rivers are drying up.
Page 45
This page is about…
Unusual water solutions.Such as: Boats sailing to collect lake, rivers, and creek waters, to take away the salt and reuse it as drinkable water.Or using a type of net known as “The stretched nylon nets”.
Page 46
This page is about…
Our water future.There might be water issues which is why we're thinking we should start paying for water, and starting to help by having shorter showers.
Page 47
This page is about…
How rain could be drinkable, and products to make a “Rain harvester”.
Page 48
This page is about…
How to make a rain harvest.Also explaining how it works.

Complete these sentences using information from the text

  1. Often, we take water for granted being able to drink it in a glass, and not knowing the water issues.
  2. We get out water from all kinds of places, such as Rivers, streams, lakes, springs, rainwater from the roof, and even groundwater, (Which you cannot see but is there).
  3. All water in the world is part of the water cycle.
  4. The water cycle is when the water can get warm or cold as the sun and other types of the weather can be affected.
  5. When the sun heats water in oceans, rivers and lakes, some of that water drives the water cycle crazy.
  6. When it gets colder, moisture in clouds turns into rain, hail, and even snow.
  7. Some of this gets absorbed back into the Earth, where it come part of the groundwater supply, some of which come through spring.
  8. Because of the water cycle, the amount of water we have on Earth is quite a lot but the amount of water that we are using is changing.
  9. Serious pressure is being put on the water supply in Canterbury because of the people that are growing wheat and farm sheep.
  10. Rainwater washes this fertiliser, along with the animal waste, into our rivers.
  11. Anything that goes into outdoor drains is cleaned before getting into the river, drain water doesn't get treated.
  12. In many places around the world, not enough water for example, Desserts, Africa, and Australia.
  13. Less rainfall has caused some rivers to dry up, including The yellow river, The Murray-Darling, and the Colorado river.
  14. Desalination means when you remove the salt from the water.
  15. Fog harvesting is when they get a net and place it against two poles and the rain will fall on the fog, and drip down onto collectors at the bottom.
  16. Everyone can help use less water by
    1. Never waste a glass of water.
    2. Having shorter showers.
    3. Turn off the tap when brushing teeth.
  17. Rain can be harvested by random materials which you can find.
  18. To make your own rain harvester, you need:
           A.Container to hold the water
           B.Large plastic bag
           C.Two lengths of bamboo
           D.A twisty tie.
           E.Strong plastic tape

The Water Cycle - TWC - Edith

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WALT navigate our google drive property

Compound sentences

WALT: write compound sentences

SImple sentences

WALT: Understand simple sentences.

Friday, 24 February 2017

Whanau conference

On Thursday the 23 of February, everyone came to whanau conference.
If you don't know what whanau conference is it is a time where you teacher talks to your, parents about your goals this term.I was really worried at first that mine would have been bad, but I started to loosen up and got used to the meeting with two adults in my life. these are my goals⬇⬇⬇
My goals for Reading this Term are -

  • To make connections between prior knowledge and examples in the text in order to understand abstract ideas.
My goal for Writing this Term are -
  • To independently revise and edit my writing to clarify it's meaning and add impact.
My goals for Maths this Term are -
  • To find a unit fraction of using standard place value.
  • To solve + and - by splitting by one factor into parts.

Valentines day

Softball recount

Image result for softball
On Wednesday the 22nd of February,
The Year:5's, 6"s, 7's, and 8's all went to a tournament known as the softball tournament.The year 6s came third but the is still better then coming last and not tring. It was still and honour to come third because we won the finals and I was the captain. Softball was such a blast. I also have a fact to tell you besides netball, Softball is my favourite sport.

Monday, 20 February 2017

The spelling test

The spelling test - RECOUNT 
Today the class and I, had test known as the spelling test.The spelling test made me a bit uptight but I came through the apocalypse and survived.

 We had the spelling test to see what our methods are of spelling.We all got a piece of paper, pencil, and our great listening ears, as Miss was clearly saying in a nice voice, the word that we all had to spell.After each word has been announced, the teacher must say a sentence for example, these two words sound the same “Here and Hair”, but by just saying a sentence it can help you to get a boost on the word. 

 Now that you know how to understand the test, it is how you may feel in a test.Most times people are excited, for any subject but there are many people, who misunderstand words and that, can make you feel Anxious, Stressed, and frustrated, that you may not try and end up being a lethargic during the test, which will affect your grades.You can also feel very excited if you be nice and confident, to start the subject of what the test is. 

 “Now how do I think I did?” I think I did really well because I put my mind to it, and there were negatives like, I may had hurt my hand, I got frustrated from knowing if it was right or wrong, but that is okay because if you put your mind to it you can have a chance of achieving. 

This is a recount about the spelling test we had, this is also kind of like a guidance, for any test I am stuck on.


Thursday, 16 February 2017

Video about Taha Tinana

ES- Learning to find the meaning words

Skateboard ramp

Duffy story from last post

The Duffy show of 2017
 The show started off with a few sing-a-longs with the crew then the play started.It was duffy in the hot weather under shade, reading books to learn a new language, as the play carried on he saw something just flowing in the sky as he was concerned, a lady named “GLOBAL GIRL” popped out of nowhere and Duffy was very confused, but they got to know each other and became partners 

As they had just partnered up they had already stopped two bad things, The Fire accident caused by the sun in Australia, and also the water cyclone in Tokelau.There was also another problem duffy found out that Global girl can't read.When GG’s boss found out she decided “You are coming home with me” 

Once Duffy found out that GG couldn't read he figured he could teach her but with us to help.Once she learnt how to read she told her boss and Global Girl got to stay.
The end

This is the story of my last post.

IALT: Write recount on past life experiences

Duffy show 2017

This was so fun to go to.

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Drought answers to questions

This is the video from my previous post ;D

Drought Follow up task

Quote from story
Your response - how does she feel? Why do you think that?
“I swallow my groan” (page 2)
She feels bored and hot. I think that because people normally groan when they don’t like what is happening, so maybe she was bored in class and didn’t want to do what the teacher asked. The drought meant that the weather would be really hot.
“I flop across my desk like a dead fish” (page 2)
She flops on her desk because how hot and the fish flop when they die because of the temperature.
“Since Mum died, I’ve been staying over at Pete’s house until Dad gets home from work” (page 3)
She has been going to Pete's because her Mum has died, and Dad at work she can not stay home alone because it is not safe and it would be very scary.
“We roar and scream like a crowd at a rugby match when someone scores a try” (page 4)
Because it is known as a simile so this can be a good simile or it could be known as a very lonely simile.
“I wait for him to tell me to dig deep. I wait for him to tell me to use my imagination - but I guess it was Mum who said things like that.” (page 5)
She must be feeling down as she is missing her Mum, because her mum must have made her feel so happy and creative inside.
“Dad still hasn’t eaten anything, and there are big black bags under his eyes” (page 5)
There are big black bags under his eyes because he is feel exhausted.
“I pick up my pen and, trying not to think of Dad asleep at the table, or Mum dying, or the skinny sheep, I close my eyes” (page 6)
It is like she is saying that she has quite a lonely life, as many things has happened but she is still carrys on.

Reread this quote from page 6. Reflect on what hidden meaning is there.

“This time the story comes, but the drought in the story is dad’s. Like the ever-blue sky, he’s holding back tears. From time to time, a small cloud drifts by, but he blinks it away. Each time he does this, his sadness grows deeper. All he does is get up and go to work and come home and go to bed. Then one night, he falls into such a deep sleep, a cloud creeps by without him noticing. Then another comes, and another, and another. Fat white clouds at first, then grey ones, then black - and the blackest clouds are bursting with rain. The moment they burst, Dad cries.” (page 6)

Think about the questions below and write a paragraph (at least 100 words) to answer these questions. You can talk to a buddy about it, but use your own words.
  • Why is dad holding back tears? Because he feels very insecure but he really wants to stay strong for his daughter even if his soulmate has passed away.
  • Why does he blink away the clouds?He’s blinking it away to make it a brighter day because as a known fact clouds can get darker at least by one percent each day.
  • Why is his sadness growing deeper?His sadness is growing deeper because he must be missing his love as she has passed away, while he must be trying hard to stay strong for his daughter,
  • What metaphor is the girl trying to explain by talking about the clouds?The girl is trying to say is that the clouds can be in emotions too, as they turned into different colours as emotions can too.
Why might the clouds start off white, then next go grey, then next go black?Because white is usually when it is a beautiful day, when the clouds turn grey it means it is going to start dripping rain, and when it is black it is going to be a dark day and the rain is going to be a very harsh day.
This is my video reading these questions: