Thursday, 16 February 2017

Duffy story from last post

The Duffy show of 2017
 The show started off with a few sing-a-longs with the crew then the play started.It was duffy in the hot weather under shade, reading books to learn a new language, as the play carried on he saw something just flowing in the sky as he was concerned, a lady named “GLOBAL GIRL” popped out of nowhere and Duffy was very confused, but they got to know each other and became partners 

As they had just partnered up they had already stopped two bad things, The Fire accident caused by the sun in Australia, and also the water cyclone in Tokelau.There was also another problem duffy found out that Global girl can't read.When GG’s boss found out she decided “You are coming home with me” 

Once Duffy found out that GG couldn't read he figured he could teach her but with us to help.Once she learnt how to read she told her boss and Global Girl got to stay.
The end

This is the story of my last post.

IALT: Write recount on past life experiences

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