Monday, 20 February 2017

The spelling test

The spelling test - RECOUNT 
Today the class and I, had test known as the spelling test.The spelling test made me a bit uptight but I came through the apocalypse and survived.

 We had the spelling test to see what our methods are of spelling.We all got a piece of paper, pencil, and our great listening ears, as Miss was clearly saying in a nice voice, the word that we all had to spell.After each word has been announced, the teacher must say a sentence for example, these two words sound the same “Here and Hair”, but by just saying a sentence it can help you to get a boost on the word. 

 Now that you know how to understand the test, it is how you may feel in a test.Most times people are excited, for any subject but there are many people, who misunderstand words and that, can make you feel Anxious, Stressed, and frustrated, that you may not try and end up being a lethargic during the test, which will affect your grades.You can also feel very excited if you be nice and confident, to start the subject of what the test is. 

 “Now how do I think I did?” I think I did really well because I put my mind to it, and there were negatives like, I may had hurt my hand, I got frustrated from knowing if it was right or wrong, but that is okay because if you put your mind to it you can have a chance of achieving. 

This is a recount about the spelling test we had, this is also kind of like a guidance, for any test I am stuck on.

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  1. Great use of interesting words/adjectives! It makes it very interesting to read.
    You have got 3 paragraphs and a conclusion, but no introduction. Maybe you could have put a space after the 'apocalypse and survived', and the first sentence could be your introduction and the rest could be your paragraph 1.
    Another next step is to include more about the other people there - for example, I was sitting next to my friend Lydia who I could tell was also feeling stressed because...)