Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Identifying homophones

I am learning to identify homographs
I am learning to use homographs in a sentence to show the different meanings

For each word below, think of two meanings for it and write 2 sentences that shows the different meanings of the word. The first two has been done for you.

If you don’t know any other meanings for the word, Google it.

I turned back and walked back where I came from.
My back is under my neck and above my legs.
After swimming I had to change out of my wet togs.
The shopkeeper gave me my change which was $2.
Light:I can see the light.
Light: This box is light.
Wind:The wind blows through her hair.
Wind:I wind the window.
Sink:The boat started to sink.
Sink: I wash dishes in the sink.
Sign: I saw a stop sign.
Sign:I went to sign in.
Bass:The bass on the drum.
Bass:I caught a bass.
Down:I am feeling down.
Down:We are going down the hill
Rock:I watch the Rock.
Rock:I went to rock the baby.
Lead: I went to lead the line.
Lead: I made a necklace out of lead metal.
Bat: You need a bat for softball.
Bat: My favourite animal is a bat.
Can:I like a can of coke.
Can:”I can do it”.
Row:We had to be in a row for the project.
Row: I went to row a boat.
Bank:I saw the river bank.
Bank;I gave my money to the bank.
Fine:I am fine.
Fine:She had to pay her fine.

Use google to help you find 5 more homographs. Put them below and write sentences for them to show the different meanings.

Clear:She needed to speak clear.
Clear:The river was clear.
Letter:I sent a letter to Aunty Carol.
Letter:Is has the letter I and S.
Draw:I went to draw a cat.
Draw:The game was a draw.
Tie:He wore his tie.
Tie:I went to tie my shoelace.
Bow:She love her pink bow.
Bow:He went to bow for the king.

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