Thursday, 4 May 2017

ANZAC day project - Edith and Syraia - Lee

The basics..
Find out
WHEN IS ANZAC DAY? ANZAC day is on the 25th of April because in Gallipoli peninsula from 25 April 1915 and 9 January 1916 was the WW1 battle.
WHERE IS IT CELEBRATED? It is celebrated in Australia, NZ, Gallipoli, and most of the times in Vietnam because they were the most common places that the war had been happening .
WHAT IS ANZAC DAY? It is a day when we have to remember those who fought for us in the war and sacrificed there life for our world so that we are happy in this century.
WHY DO WE CELEBRATE IT? We celebrate it to remember the soldiers even though it is sad but it is good to know the they are now happy about being heroes to the world.
HOW DO WE CELEBRATE IT? By wearing bright red poppies which were the flower’s on the territory of the battle that happened.
More detail…
WHAT WAS THE GALLIPOLI CAMPAIGN?The campaign is a place where WW1 was. It was in Gallipoli peninsula from 25 April 1915 and 9 January 1916.

Here are some key questions for you to think about.
  • Why did World War 1 start? The whole world started war because one country killed another country’s very important person and that is how war started it. Who started it? Where did it start?Russia because Hitler was located there. Hitler made a decision to   kill brown haired and brown eyed people around the world, which started WW2.
  • What caused it? A decision that was created by Hitler which people disagreed with, which was to kill brown haired and brown eyed people around the world.
  • Who was involved? Germany, Italy,  Japan. Britain, France,Australia,Canada,New Zealand, India,China, the Soviet union and the united states of america.
  • What were the two teams called, and which countries were on which team? The Axis Powers, had Germany, Italy and Japan. The Allies (other side) had the countries  Britain, France, Australia,Canada, New Zealand, India, China and USA. These countries are commonwealth countries.
  • Where did the fighting happen? The fighting happened in the countries Britain, France, and Russia. Because these were where the war was beginning to happen, which went really horrifying at the end.
  • Why do New Zealanders celebrate ANZAC day? To remember those who fought for us in the WW1 and WW2.
  • How many Kiwis died at ANZAC Cove? 7,000000 people died and 2,000000 people were wounded
  • Where is ANZAC Cove? It is a small cove hidden in  Gallipoli peninsula
  • Where else (countries, cities) did Kiwis fight? Kiwis fought against each other because of the decision making of killing  brown haired and brown eyed people around the world. that most people agreed with.
  • What was life like for soldiers during the war? It was very tough and scary because you can risk your life or say bye to the people you love, but the people you love are the ones you're saving.
  • Who were the Nazi’s? Hitler’s crew to kill the other team so that there would only be blue eyes and blonde hair people on earth.
  • Why were people fighting them? Because they were the ones killing people all around the universe of NZ, AUSSIE, USA, and many others on earth.

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