Wednesday, 7 June 2017

My planning for recent writing


In my opinion..
Some believe that..
I feel that..
… therefore …
… moreover …
In the same way..
On the other hand..
In this situation…

I feel that it is a parents responsibility to decide if their child can have a phone or not, that responsibility should not fall to the school or the teacher.

Some people might argue that having phones in school could lead to more cyberbullying, on the other hand, at TPS we do Cybersmart which teaches us how to be responsible on the internet.

Title: Why phones should be in school!.
I believe that we should let the parents decide if we could have a phone so that it will not be the schools, and the teacher's problem, it will be our business to deal with.

First paragraph:

Most people think that, using cell phones can be leading to a place where they could start to cyberbully, on the other hand, if you have a manaiakalani school there will be people that will come and teach you about cyberbullying and cyber smart.
In this situation phones will be very helpful because it is contained to help you with learning at school and not to help you hurt others people's feeling this is also why we have netbooks, it is so that we can learn so in the same way, a phone is exactly like a netbook but just smaller and a lot easier to take care of.

For example there is many people that will come in and help us with taking care of our devices if we have phones at school and also your parents wouldn’t even give us a phone, and their are many websites that say R13 which means that it is only for 13yrs old and over. Sometimes it's even R16.
So my first opinion is about cyberbullying and websites, and how mature people should only have cell phones.

Second paragraph:

Phones are very useful for learning and these are my reason and explanation why.
Most people believe that when you are on your phones you will play games and take selfies, but a phone is also very useful in a classroom since the games on phones are usually word problems, adding, or just like an online reading website, the camera on your phone to take beautiful selfies but you can also learn brand new methods and remembering it by taking photos, and you can use your camera to remember stuff on the app every phone has ‘notes’.
For example there are apps that can help you that are games, but, are also learning. There are 3 games (or more) that actually can help with learning like; Quizup (Writing and reading) , Brain wars (Maths and writing), and last but not least Audible (Reading). If you go on the audible website they will let you have a 30 day free trial.
Therefore phones can be very useful for learning and not just distracting people and yourself.

Third paragraph:

This is my last reason why which is… communication and safety.
First of all I am pretty sure they created phones for communication, because without communication life will be quite boring, but there's also communication for safety reasons.
For example if their is a fire and the teachers are in the staff room and the door is jammed you can use your phone to contact the police, firemen, and your parents.
So this is my third reason of the statement.


Summarise the 3 ideas
Phones are important to have because it helps with communication, learning and it safe since their are restrictions for websites which will stop most people from cyberbullying. If there are people that disagree the parents and teacher can take their phone from the kid.
Recommendations or reflections
I believe that we should let the parents decide if we could have a phones because of these 3 reasons, 3 examples, and 6 opinions.

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