Monday, 19 June 2017

Tip Top recount

Tip Top :D

Today the middle syndicate (Rm5, Rm 6, Rm 8, and If course Rm 7) went to the Tip Top factory in Auckland, NZ. They firstly had 1 hour to finish off left over work but we are going to skip to the start of the trip.

“I can’t WAIT!, I’m going to Tip Top today!”, I thought to myself while I was approaching to the door of Room 6. I was really excited but as I was about to scream I heard a voice from Mrs Sharma which was “Before we leave, we need to put you’s in your guys group”, I was one of the last people to be chosen but little did I know my group seemed to be all my best friends which are Lydia, Hevani, and Grace, with my favourite Uncle, Uncle Daved.

On the bus it felt for 20,0000 years because it was so long and the factory was so far well in my opinion. I was so excited when we vanished out of the bus because I just wanted some Ice Cream and find out what it is made of; but just my luck I had found out we wait for like 1 hour and 30 minutes but it was fine because we had fun games like Cards, Chess, and pick up sticks, there was also a park. Once we got to inside of the factory I got to learn heaps of things like…:
Ice cream is made out of 7 ingredients (ice, cream, milk, sugar, main ingredients.flavouring, candy optional, and colour optional), I also learnt that the fridges that they keep are like ours and have the same temperature (4*C), the top 5 ice creams are Vanilla, Hokey Pokey, French Vanilla, Boysenberry, and Cookies’n’Cream.
We also got to eat Ice cream and watch the information and how Tip Top grew.

When the trip I had a huge frowny face because imagine if you had a dream that you won $60,0000 and you woke up to no money because that is how I felt. After I had stepped into class I found out it was school but then I thought to myself “Edith we can do this I mean you are an amazing writer”, so I felt a lot better because with that boost I was absolutely amazed of how my story was!.

This is my recount about Tip Top, I hope you enjoyed because I know I did!.

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