Monday, 19 June 2017

Why homework is... IMPORTANT!

Why homework is IMPORTANT!

You're probably thinking to yourself “Why do I have to do homework??”, well homework is very important and I am going to tell you why!

In my opinion, I used to think that homework was the absolute WORST!, but then I thought to myself about “Homework; why is it important?”, which leads us to our first  reason and example why homework is important. The first reason homework is important is something called… RECAP. To be honest you always need to recap your work because when you don’t recap you will learn something but also loose it, for example when you learn something brand new it gets stuck in your mind and you just need to get it out of your brain like imagine what that learning ability is say… “PLEASE LET ME OUT, EDITH NEEDS TO LEARN SOMETHING NEW!”, see imagine how much trouble they're probably having to get the information you think you don’t know.

For the next reason is… boredom. Homework can actually be fun if try to put in some free time; for example if you are a busy person I understand because I am a person that has to go to sports training, but if you are a genius or possibly just someone to finish their work fast you can use that free time to finish off homework. On the other hand, if you are a person with no after school activities and a slow finisher, you are pretty lucky because if you get so bored you can just ask your teacher for homework on what you're stuck on.

The final statement of why homework is important is because when you do homework you can develop new skills so it is going to be a whole clump of easier work for you and it is going to be easier for paying attention and making much more fun and mind blowing, apart of this reason is finding older work less diligent, and you can develop enough skills to save the world and do beautiful things to it by sharing your knowledge to the world to make their lives absolutely… AMAZING!!!.

Therefore these are my statements of why homework is important.

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