Thursday, 15 June 2017

Why typing on computers is better than handwriting!

Why typing on computers is better than handwriting!

I feel that you are going to agree when I tell you that… typing on a computer is better than handwriting.

In my opinion I believe that typing on a computer can make you more skilled. When you are hand there is a 99% chance that you will get tired when writing with a book. For example when you start to write for hours (Like on a test) you hands can shake and be really tired and your hands will be fatigue, well this is because of one of these thing known as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, CTS (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome) can prevent tightness to your wrists or Numb fingers, you can get CTS if you go fishing, knitting, sewing, and… WRITING!!!. So this is my first statement.

This is my second reason why computers are better than books. When you are typing on a computer you don’t have to worry about having bad writing. For example typing on the computers has this toolbar on top of your doc or whatever you're using to write. Toolbars have different type of titles and systems to make your stories more professional and able to read for any types of ages over 8. As for your book sometimes you can feel pressured and write horrible on book but on a device you can type as fast or slow as you like and still be able to read your story. This is my second statement why Devices are better than books.

Now for my 3rd and final reason of why devices are better than Books is… When you are writing on a book it can be very challenging for you and the pencil or pen. To prove this reason when you are just writing a story you can be enjoying it but then at a random time “SNAP”, your pencil just broke and then you have to waste 2 minutes of your time sharpening your pencil. You're probably thinking “What if your using a pen!?!?” well a pen can be worst because when you're using a pen it can run out of ink and that is AWFUL!!!. So this is my final reason.

Therefore this is why you agree that typing on a computer is better than handwriting.


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