Monday, 31 July 2017

WALA: the history of Hip Hop

WALA: the history of Hip Hop!
The main point of Hip Hop includes 4 unique categories that create Hip Hop and what it is. The 4 elements are things that don't seem that familiar to Hip Hop but when you learn about the history of it and really read about it; These are the names of the elements:

  1. Art - Graffiti, Graffiti is an art to express how you are feeling through spray paint.
  2. Dance - The dance is called Break dancing but their are many names like: Breaking, B girls, and B boys.
  3. Music - The music for Hip Hop can be anything but the main type of music are... Dj and Remixes.
  4. Poetry -  So this is the most confusing element but it makes a lot of sense when you find the meaning behind this which is...rap and if you are still confused poetry is like a less fun version of rap, which is why rap is in the 4 elements.

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