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Meaning of words I learnt at PWC

Here are some words from flip and there meanings.
singing, dancing, mime, and more at public place to get money.
Being able to put money in it and use it until it is fully paid.
Expense of a taxable income.
To make less in amount, degree, and size.
An insurance company who will pay some money for your house insurance, car insurance,contents insurance and other insurance groups.
Your belongings, and what you own.
What makes you unique and your information that's private.
Money you get paid from work or you earn.
Your culture.
Another word for salary and an amount of money you usually get paid.
Part of an insurance claim to be paid by the insured.
Allow someone to borrow a belonging and then return it.
Able to be rely on someone no matter what.

Isaac Newton expirement

WALT: Find the history of electricity.

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The light spectrum

FLiP & PWC recount pt 2

Video of mine and Grace's skit:

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Don't mess with a little girl - WALT work in buddies and create narrative stories with the backwards S method.

Don't mess with a little girl
Once upon a time at exactly dusk til dawn there  was a magical island beyond the clouds; around the corner of this beautiful whereabout was a dark haunted cloud filled with all of the rejections for the earth and making it a wonderful place to be. Down the further end of the cloud was a rusty cave that was restricted for all creatures and Humans. In this cave was a family filled with flying, magical, fire breathing dragon.

One day when the family had left the eldest dragon alone, he kidnapped a little girl from the other dimension and decided to put a  magic spell on her but little did he know he had read it wrong and accidentally alternated himself into a...GORILLA (“DUN DUN DUN”) as he turned into a gorilla the girl and himself descended for the clouds to the real world. When they had roughly fallen, they both fell in different positions of the city ‘egvc’, when the gorilla fell he landed on his head and forgot a plethora of memories. 3 years later the gorilla was balling his eyes out as he lost everything on the night that he tried to to turn the girl into a gorilla but he transformed into a gorilla, and he could not ask for any help because they would never trust a gorilla, when it came to a dead end the gorilla just kept wishing that he would just rest for eternity.

One day he was walking like a sloth and a girl recognized his eyes and poked him in the heart with her lollipop stick and out came a huge fly which turned out to be the dragon but the dragon had better powers now because he can transform into anything and after the girl saved his life he decided to apologize for kidnapping her and he changed his personality to goodness instead of evil and he persuade his family to do the same thing, the family and the girl were friends and had parties together.

So the end of the story was his family and himself were good, well… for now!    

An old lady situation

An old lady situation

An old lady (Marge) and her three stunning granddaughters (Shay, Jess, and Ella) were all going for a lovely stroll near the ‘Waikato” forestry.

When the time had taken over to a fork in a road, the old lady had realised that she forgot her glasses and she went left as her granddaughter went right. When the granddaughters had realised that their grandma wasn’t there they searched about an hour and a half just look for there grandma.

When Shay, Jess, and Ella couldn't find their grandma the eldest shay decided to demand the police to come; when the police had arrived they went straight to the forestry and out of nowhere they saw a cold, devastated, demented old lady hugging a tree, and then the daughters and cop zoomed straight to her and the old lady uttered “I lost my glasses and turned on the wrong footpath” and Ella replied with “Here are your Glasses”, and then the cop went back to the station while the grandma and granddaughters went home and had a hot chocolate with some delicious caramel tim tams.

The end.

Haiku poems

Dancing timeline

WALT: create timelines on our favourite hobbies

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Heart Foundation

Limerick poems

 WAL: how to make our own... LIMERICK POEMS for our writing/inquiry, narrative's and leisure time