Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Tane and the stars a maori myth

Image result for tane and the starsLong long time ago there was a powerful brave strong maori man called Tane. One night Tane just went for a stroll to his house then he had realized that it was pitch black and terrifying.

While it was dark and he couldn't see anything. Tane had to stay in the chilly freaky night for a fresh day to arrive. Once the day had come he dived deep to the sea and grabbed mud and got a wet rock and put them together with a maori spell that he had learned from his grandfather. Once he opened his eyes he saw beautiful glowing stars glittering around.

Wow! what a beautiful experience he said to himself quietly. When he was finished he had made a strong green basket out of flax to carry the sparkling stars.

When Tane was ready Tane grabbed the basket full of stars and he used all his power and energy to stick the stars to the sky.

Once he was done he fell back on the ground & his wife saw him. She prayed with her hand on her heart for Tane, and then after her prayer she dropped her tear on Tane. The tear made Tane fly up in the sky. Then he landed safely to the ground.   

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