Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Samoan Language Week - Samoan Churches

Next week is the Samoan language week; unfortunately the week that is Samoan language is the week that the KM syndicate will be going to camp. Since it is the same week as camp, last week we brainstormed things about Samoa and each student had to choose a topic about the Samoan culture to research about and we had to make a presentation to present to the classroom. My topic was about the Samoan Churches and I wrote about the history of there Christianity and clothes they wear to Church.

I would like to thank my classmate Demetrius for reminding me to make this blog post. I hope you enjoy and click the link to see Demetrius's blog about the Samoan food!


Sunday, 13 May 2018

Mothers day Poster!

Kia ora,
as you know today is mothers day so today I am going to be creating a thank you card for my Mom. I would like to say thank you to my friend Grace for inspiring me to do this. be sure to check out Grace's post -

I know what you are thinking "Wow Grace's one is beautiful and very warm-hearted" well I know it is AMAZING but I still hope you enjoy my on for my Mom.

Here it is -
If you cannot read this post here is what I said;
"Happy mothers day mom,
I know life has been a roller coaster year after year driving us to netball games, school trips, trainings and more but you still managed to handle us. You are supportive but you show it in a way that I understand.

I am your youngest child, and I know it is hard being a mom of 3 kids but we still manage to make it work! I like how you tell us to clean up the mess even though majority of it is your mess. I like how you forced me to play netball which I now love.

You are worth more than anything because you protect me, feed me, put a roof over my head and always make sure I am positive even if the appocalpsye occurs.

I love you mom and I wish you a very happy mothers day!".

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and the comment of the day is...
"What is your favourite thing about your Mom?".

Space word-study

today I am going to be sharing with you what I have been learning during inquiry with Ms. Komor.  With Ms. Komor we have been learning about Jupiter and facts some people probably didn't know.

During this presentation I will be writing ALL the facts I learnt during the document and I will be answering the following questions that were on the task.

Here is my task link:
Question of the day:
What is your favourite planet?

Thursday, 10 May 2018

Technology - Phone stand design!

Bonjour viewers,
today for Technology we were re-designing our phone stand designs. Sadly today we didn't have our original teacher, Ms. Ferguson. for graphics because she had to do something (I don't know what exactly) so we had a lovey ex-teacher  from Tamaki College, her name was Ms Smallwood.  

Today we had to make a presentation about how we could improve on our first design we did in term 1. I thought that this task was really fun because I got to finish my design and write about it. Another thing I really enjoyed today was sitting next to new people and I got to .

Here is my Presentation -

Here are the 2 photo's of the phone stands I have created -

Reading with Ms. Aireen!

Yesterday while we were reading with Ms. Aireen she told us to get into groups of 5 out of 5, the people in my group were;
Cerenity, Lydia, Amon, Hevani and I.
During this lesson we had to pick a different topic and my topic was the day and night. So all the people in the day and night topic had to come together as a group and write in our own words what we learnt from that video.

Here is what I wrote:
"The Earth is spinning in its place but is on a Axis which makes it orbits around the sun. The Axis is a little tilted to give us seasons. If the Northern Hemisphere is close to the sun it is summer and for us it is winter for us but if it is opposite and the Southern Hemisphere is closer to the Sun then the Northern Hemisphere is winter.;in the middle is Autumn and Spring. If the Axis WASN’T tilted we would have the same season all long. The motion of the Sun is actually caused by the rotation of the Earth''.

Here is my groups work altogether!

Saturday, 5 May 2018

πŸŒ™πŸŒ™Phases of the Moon!πŸŒ™πŸŒ™

Malo lelei everyone,
I feel I haven't been as active on my blogs so I thought today I would create a presentation about our new topic for the term "OUTER SPACE" and it is also called "Tuarangi".

We have been learning about the phases of the moon with Mrs. Fepuleai and Ms. Komor for Inquiry so that is why I created this presentation and cycle of the Moon phases. 

I hope you enjoy these to DLO I have created and please comment something you learnt during this presentation and what you think what I could improve on bye!
New Moon Face on Apple iOS 11.3




Monday, 30 April 2018

TPS Kia Manawanui - Be Big Hearted: Kia Manawanui Learning Journey - Term 1 2018

Kia ora, Kia orana, Talofa lava and Malo lelei,
As you know term 1 has ended and it is now the beginning of term 2. Ms. Aireen and Ms. Komor thought they would make a video to recap things we learnt in term 1. In this video they also included the fun activities we did, student leaders and etc; I hope you enjoy watching this video and be sure to check out our class blog,, where you learn even more about our exciting class and what our new topic is which is... "Out of Space, Tuarangi", here is also our class website,! Our motos are...
"Were all in this together" and "Stick together like a... TEAM!"
Click me to the to the video again!