Thursday, 22 March 2018

Panmure pools - Figurative language features - Edith

Kia ora everybody today I will be sharing with you what the classroom and I have been learning about in learning. In writing we have been learning about the 6 figurative language features and Ms. Aireen thought it would be a good idea to give examples of the figurative language features and after this we will be creating poems.

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I hope you enjoyed this blog post and it would be very helpful if you commented down below what you think I could improve on next time. Thank you

Technology Reflection

On Thursday on the 15th of march we had our 5 lesson of technology. I was in Ms. Ferguson's class. I was really excited that we got assigned to graphics. We were going to start on creating our phone stand! But instead we decided to learn about how to draw 3d drawings. Here is my reflection about technology. Hope you enjoy.

Here is my 3d picture I drew if you want to see a better view:

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Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Blog Commenting - Leilani

Good Afternoon EVERYBODY
today I am going to be
commenting on another one of my
friends blog; but this time it is
going to be...

The blog that I will be commenting
of Leilani's work is...
Writing Reflection.

I decided to write on Leilani blog because I just wanted to give people in our classroom a bit of feedforward and feedback to help them in there future blog posts.

Writing Reflection

Writing Reflection!
WALA: Figurative Language.

Today after morning tea the Kia Manawanui syndicate had writing. Grace, Lydia and I weren't at the writing lesson because we had to promote our lunchtime sport, Zumba. In writing they learnt about alliteration and hyperbole, but I thought I would also explain about Similes, Metaphors, Onomatopoeia and Personification . 

Even though I had to rush writing down the definition I still had a fun time sticking up posters around the school!

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Self Defense poster

WALT: Show what we learned during our Self defense lessons.
Since it was our last week doing Self defense, the girls in the Kia manawanui syndicate thought it would be a good idea to promote Self defense to the girls that are doing Self defense next year by doing a poster.

What I enjoyed but found challenging about the Self defense lessons was using my voice because when we were yelling at our friends I couldn't stop laughing and it felt weird yelling at my friends.

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Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Maths Reflection

WALT: Find and apply rules to sequential patterns
On Monday we had maths.  Our topic is to find and apply rules to sequential patterns.  We had to fill these sheets out that relates to the topic.  I have really enjoyed this lesson.  What I found challenging in this lesson was finding a way to solve the problems. I would like to say thank you Ms. Komor for such  a fun but challenging task.

Here is my reflection if you can't read it on the DLO:
On Monday the 19th of March 2018 we had maths with Ms. Komor.

During maths we learnt how to find and apply rules for sequential patterns. We got these worksheets and in them were problems we had to solve the problems on the worksheet and find the pattern and the rule while solving them.

We had been given 3 sheets that we had to solve by ourselves and one more that we had to make problems for a classmate. While I was figuring out what to write I was also wondering who I should give my questions to and then I figured out who to give it too. I decided to give the problems to… GRACE. I gave Grace some challenging questions for her to solve.

After the next day Grace gave me her answers and no surprise but she got all of them right. After that Grace gave me some of her questions and all I can say is… WISH ME GOOD LUCK.

Thank you for reading my blog reflection about Maths yesterday. Please comment what you think I should improve on. BYE!!!!!

Monday, 19 March 2018

Kiwisports/Cricket Reflection

What problems did you encounter while you were at Kiwisport? How did you solve them? While I was bowling in cricket my serves were very crooked and they kept going everywhere besides the wicket. I solved this problem by moving my position each time to find the perfect spot to pitch.
How do you feel about Kiwisport this week? Why? (Give at least 2 reasons)
I felt excited because I just like hitting the ball and I versing other people .
I was also a bit tired because I had less
sleep because I stayed up late so I am trying to go to sleep earlier.
What are parts of it did you like? Why? (Give at least 2 reasons)
I liked laughing at when I failed at pitching because I feel when you make a mistake just laugh because people won't laugh at you unless you laugh with them, and mistakes what makes life entertaining. I liked doing the skills because I was able to see their strengths and weaknesses in Tennis and Kiwisport.
What parts of it did you dislike? Why?  (Give at least 2 reasons)
One of the main things that I dislike was waiting in line because everybody would rather just hit the ball and play but you have to wait and make sure everybody had a turn and I got used to waiting. I also didn't like that I had to remember everything for this recount.
What did this weeks lesson tell you about yourself and how you learn?
I have starting to make progress in my tennis because now I know how to serve and and I can  control the speed of my htting.  I also gotten a bit better at hitting softly in Tennis.
What would you like to spend more time on during Kiwisport?
I would like to spend more time on aiming while pitching and hitting the ball. I would also like to spend more time on spending more time on hanging out with my classmates instead of making everything into a competition.
What's the one thing that you have seen in your classmate's during Kiwisport  that you would like to try next time?
I would like to try and go for every hit that the pitchers throw like how Amaua and Teresa did.

Here is my reflection incase you can't read it:
Today we had we had Kiwi Sports and Cricket as it is Monday today.
First was home group 2 had Cricket which was my group. Ms. Komor was watching our group at Cricket while Ms. Jade was watching home group 1 at tennis.

During Cricket I was the bowler so I had the target of the game for myself was to aim the ball at the wicket so I could get the person hitting the ball OUT!  While I was bowling I must say that they weren’t the best throws but hey at least I tried and it was not like we were at a national game. While I was hitting I always try to hit is far and I did but I feel I should improve on hitting it far and running all the time instead of just running and then stopping.

Around about 10:15 it was home groups 2 turn to go to Kiwisport AKA Tennis. During Tennis we were learning about rallies. The warm-up we did was that we had to just hit the  ball across so that we could get used to aiming and hitting the ball softly since we had a small area to practise. My partner was Grace. After the warm up Peter said that we were going to play doubles so two people on one side of the net and 2 other people on the other side of the net. The goal of this exercise  was to hit the ball diagonally because Peter was saying that to play doubles you have to hit the ball diagonally but I am not sure why so I will ask him next week. The people on the net playing with grace and I were Kensington, Arizona, Fe’ao, Taonga, Teresa, Alo, Grace and I. The people on my side of the net was Alo, Fe’ao, Taonga and I we were playing against Grace, Teresa, Kensington and Teresa. How we were playing is that there were 2 pairs in the big group. The score ended up being 17 to 17 so it was a tie.

Kiwisport and Cricket was fun and I can’t wait till next week's lesson. Please comment on what I can improve on. Thank you.