Saturday, 10 December 2016

EOTC Video

Kia ora and greetings to you all, as you may know we had EOTC week in week 7.We had to make a video of our favourite bit, and so we did an interview.
 Here is the video

Friday, 2 December 2016

Monday, 28 November 2016

Celebrating myself

IALT: Reflect on how I want to celebrate myself

How can I celebrate myself? (75 words) There are many was to well celebrate myself for example I could be happy I have achieved my goal, blogpost,  and the family I have.I will also celebrate myself for the way that I am unique because that is special and special is also celebrating yourself which is  amazing.So these reasons why and how I can celebrate myself and also because I am… AWESOME. But you are more awesome because you are unique like me and every human being

What should I celebrate about ME? (75 words)I should celebrate everything, because everything  is you, you are special.I should also celebrate myself because of my hobbies and my different facts.My different facts are that some people belive things but I try to make them bigger and it is also yes they dont go as but it was worth a shot which is life and that is my way to celebrate about me and that is also my different facts.

How can I encourage others to celebrate ME? (50 words)I can ecourage others to celebrate me by treating people how I want to be treated which is what everyone needs to know, and I can also celebrate them so that they might return the favour of wanting to celebrate how I do it to them.So these are  reasons how I would want them to celbrate me.

Friday, 25 November 2016


How did you find EOTC week? (50 words) If had to say I would say “extraordinary”. I would say “extraordinary because of all the adventurous and exciting things we have done this week, and best of all it was with the school so it was like hanging out with your friends, another best thing was that it was also is teaching us how to let  ourselves speak as we are, and that is called “Never being shy.

What was your highlight of the week? (50 words) “My highlight of the week?” they are just words, tough words because we did many cool and amazing tasks like for example: Bowling, Golfing, Slip & Slide, Movies, and team building.So as I said there were many activities to participate in that are exciting, but my highlight was the slip and slide, because it is nice to just cool down especially when summer is right around the corner.

How did you show the key competencies throughout the week? (75 words) I showed the key competencies by participating even if I was down because that is how I roll and you always need to do some sacrifice’s and participate things in the world because it is always good too.I also showed the key competencies because I was relating to others, not giving up and also the right attitude for golfing, and bowling and also other activities, so yes I was showing most of the key competencies and I felt proud and so should you and always participate.

This week was EOTC and it has come to an end so I have written my memories from this unforgettable week

Thursday, 24 November 2016

The secret life of pets

Today was a nice and steady play, speaking of plays we watched a movie called “The secret life of pets” it was an awesome movie, and it had 2 of my favorite things, Animals and Comedy.It was a blast.My group were fulled with boys, and I was upset but the movie was showing to get to know people which was another awesome bit about the movie it showed to at least to get to know eachother.My favourite character’s were the grandpa and duke one of the main characters.The movie was the best, and I will stop right here incase you’s have not seen it, and well bye.


Slip and slide, with a rotation ride.

As you may know we are having EOTC this week which is a blast , but yesterday was maybe a bit more chill.We stayed at the school because we were having a trip at our school which means to me, hoping in 4 groups and doing rotations.There were many activities to experience for example there were christmas tree making, pop up snowflakes, face paint, and also finger painting.These activities took the classes about 2 blocks and as for the last one we did a slip and slide.People were soaking and the all gave a little gift to Miss Morrison and Miss Ashley, which was hilarious and more attractive because Miss Morrison had to do patrols, It was a blast.

A golfing trip

While we were golfing we had to get in a group,I was with my mum “Salena”. My group was: “Me, Jose, Taonga, Lydia,Viliami, Taylor, and Arizona”.We had to get in pairs, it was Taonga and I, Arizona and Lydia, Taylor and Viliami, and as a soloist was Jose.We each got nicknames: Taodith, Lyzona, Tilliami, and Jose.We were in the T-rex zone and we spiced the game up by spinning around for 20 seconds and having a blindfold.

It was a crazy ride.

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

EOTC Students bowling time

As you guys may have heard this week is EOTC, known as Education, Outside, The, Classroom.
We get to do this for an entire week so isn't this fascinating, tomorrow we are all going to do cake decorating, and travelling to orakei for golf.EOTC is a great thing to have and I was lucky enough to reach it and enjoy the excitement.I had a great time as a tamaki student and hopefully you can too with all the excitement that is showing.

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Mannequin Challenge

Yesterday we did a Mannequin challenge. If you don't know what the mannequin challenge is it is when a group stays still while someone is recording.Here is our Mannequin Challenge , and we dear the seniour syndicate to do the mannequin challenge.

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Summarising sheet (In the beginning edition)

Summarising sheet

Title:In the beginning
Author:Peter Gossage

Write below 5 key things that happened in the story:

Papa and Rangi (Mother and father) Loved each other
They had darkness and had 6 sons
Sons did not like a cramped dark life
They made a plan to push them apart
They then became the family gods

Write below 10 key words from the story:


Use the key words and things that happened in the story to write 3-4 sentences summary about the text.

  1. Some of the brothers were tired of their dark and cramped life.
  2. In the beginning there was Papa the mother and Rangi the father.
  3. Tu tried to move his father but he could not even though he heaved and strained.
  4. Tawhirimatea sadly sat, he thought it was cruel to separate his parents.
  5. Tane pushed his father's chest with his legs and with almighty he straightened his legs.

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Room 10 @ Tamaki Primary: Making Choices by TPS Student Leaders

Room 10 @ Tamaki Primary: Making Choices by TPS Student Leaders: Kia ora. At Tamaki Primary we have Student Council Leaders. These students are the role models of our school and are great examples of o...

look at this for a hint of the manaiakalani

Friday, 4 November 2016

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Monday, 31 October 2016


Today we had kiwi sport as you know is basketball.Today was very challengenging because because the boys and girls got splitted up into 2 groups as a coach Malek suggested.During this sport the boys and girls learnt about lay ups, the groups got a practice round and 10 minutes later was the competion of first to 25.The girls did not win but 1 goal and loosing is a lot more better then not trying.After the competion the classroom got split up again but this there were 3 girl teams and 3 boy teams.The boys and girls shared the same courts by doing half and half.My team did not win but I am proud for Arizone one of my BFF'S.
I cannot wait for next week. 

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

My score for inferring and predicting

This is my score for inferring and predicting.

My score for inferring and predicting

This is my score for inferring and predicting.

Bridge to terabithia drawing

Inference character

Friday, 21 October 2016

Taonga @ Tamaki Primary School: Ratios in play- dough

Follow taonga she is awesome and she needs some followers Taonga @ Tamaki Primary School: Ratios in play- dough

P.E this week (Basketball)

For this weeks P.E and for the rest of the three weeks we are going to be having basketball.I am so glad about basketball because it is a new sport for me and seems like a exciting sport.I have learnt three new things.

1.Use your finger tips to bounce the ball, because if you use your palm it would be harder to control the ball.

 2. Make sure the ball ain't to in front of you because you might lose it.

3.A good basketball guidance is B.E.E.F

So for a couple of weeks is basketball.We played girls vs boys of getting first to fifteen goals.The girls may have lost but where coming back to take them down.
I hope you have learnt some basketball techniques like me.

Thursday, 20 October 2016

My score for summarizing

My score for summarizing

Results for quiz

This was my results for my inference quiz

The Rules

Today I learnt how to read between the lines of the book "The Rules" hope you enjoy.

Monday, 17 October 2016

Inferring Images

WALT: look at images and use prior knowledge and understanding to infer what is happening

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Tuesday, 11 October 2016


Hi guys I am giving a S/O to my friend check her out she is AWESOME Lydia @ Tamaki Primary School: End of term reflection: Reflection for term 3. This term lots of special occasions happened. One highlight I really enjoyed this term was Tongan language week. I...


Hi guys go on this it is half by me and go follow Arizona @ Tamaki Primary School: What are the differences between New Zealand and C...: What are the differences between NZ and China

Friday, 23 September 2016

Reflection on term 3

Today is the day that Term 3 is reaching out and coming to an end so I am showing you what I enjoyed this term.
I really enjoyed joining the sports team this year and I learnt to always be, humble winners gracious losers no matter what, and to always stick as a team.I am looking forward for next term to make new friends and learn new strategies to solving problems.I would also like to say thank you to Miss Morrison for giving me the privilege to join the sport teams at the school,  and for showing me new working out strategies and for being an AWESOME TEACHER.

Image result for tamaki primary sports 2016

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Meeting Myron Simpson

Today was a Duffy assembly so a person known as Myron Simpson came to show us reasons to read is also to go through and do accomplishments for your world, It is also known when you go past a school you can drive 40 kilometers per hour and If you go 110 kilometers like a biker would but in a car you would actually have to pay $700.

I think I have really learnt some new stuff for the fact that I have learnt the aerodynamic is actually known as to keep your body feel free, that is also why I think he is a role model he will travel all over the world to teach us about his career I think he is rolemodel and great to visit our school.
Image result for myron simpson Myron muesli

Doubling and Halving

Doubling and Halving Show the strategy you used.
 4 x18 =48  ½ of 18 = 6 so 4x6=(24 + 24=48)
3 x 24 = 72 ½ of 24 = 12 so 12 x 3 = (36 + 36 = 72)
 5 x16 = ½ of 16 = 8 so 8x5 = (40+40=80) 
3 x 16 =48 ½ of 16 = 8x3=24+24=48 
4 x 32 =96 ½ of 32 = 16 ½ of 16 = 8x4=32 & 32x3=96 
5 x 12 = 60 ½ of 12=6x5=30+30=60 
14 x 3 =42 ½ of 14 = 7x3=21+21=42 
6 x 18 = 108 ½ 0f 18=9x6=54+54=108 
6 x 24 = 144 ½ of 24=12x6=72+72=144 
2 x 24 = ½ of 24=12x2=24+24=48 
4 x 16 = 64 ½ of 16=8x4=32+32=64 
14 x 10 = 140 ½ of 14=7x10=70+70=140 
12 x 2 = 24 ½ of 12=6x2=12+12=24 14 x 4 = ½ of 14=7x4=28+28=56 
7 x 20 = 140 ½ of 20 =10x7=70+70=140
Red is working out!!!

Monday, 19 September 2016

Last Swimming safety blog post!!!

If I had hearing disability? (Can we support them?)

6 Hats Current Events - ( Hurricanes win first Super Rugby title)

Since It is near the end of the term to day we did a current event all about the exciting things that have happen this term and I did the Hurricanes, Hope you enjoy.

Sunday, 18 September 2016

Going to Rainbows end

Image result for rainbows end aucklandImage result for manurewa marlins netball 2016On Saturday I got to go to Rainbows end because once you join Marlins at the end of the year you get to go to somewhere extreme and we got to go to Rainbows end this year and it was awesome but also a bit hard to have fun because it was also raining which means some of the rides were wet but we still had fun and my sister even won an award for sportsmanship, and even though I didnt get an award I was still proud of my sister.Now big finish 
  •                                     LETS GO MARLINS!!!                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Boxfit has changed me

Thursday was very exciting because for the first time in forever I finally went to do box fit, where we learn technique's  all about boxing.
It was such a great experience because if you are having a bad day you can let your anger out every Tuesday and Thursday because it just clears your mind and you just feel so free, box fit is also fun because you learn boxing routine and get to show them to a crowd and you could actually inspire someone and they might inspire someone else because of the path you made to make heaps of people inspired.
So hopefully you understand that joining box fit is the best that happened to me so far.

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Differences between New Zealand and China

Li min Inference :D

This week is china language week so I am inferring all about the facts from the book I read and as for my 2 previous blog post you will also see my Chin facts.

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Chinese Dragons

This week is chinese language week so we learnt about the dragon one of China's favourite animals.
We have also created a paper dragon.It was fun :D

Fact about life in China

Friday, 9 September 2016

Tongan language week/Tongan assembley

Malo e lelei and greetings to the world, as you shall know this week was Tongan language week so Tamaki primary & Ruapotaka school celebrated this special occasion by dressing as much as you can to show your Tongan spirit and If you are wondering , why Ruapotaka is at our school you can take a look at my last blog post.It was an exciting excperience because we had an assembley at 9:45 so all classes can show there items and even the band and the junior and senior Tongan group peformed.It was like watching a miracle because I have never seen a Tongan dance before and it was amazing how Mrs Tafea came up with choreography so three cheers for Mrs Tafea and Happy Tongan language week.

Thursday, 8 September 2016


Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Ruapotaka school.

Today , tomorrow , and on friday Ruapotaka school will be staying with us , because the have some sort of dust at there school which will make it hard to breath for them so untill the dust comes out they will be staying at our school for a few days.It will be amazing because were not only helping them they will be helping us to show two values at our school Whanaungatanga and Manaakitanga.
Hope your school get cleaned out ruapotaka love

Edith <3

Swimming with buddy class

Hello it is me again, 
I haven't really blogged in awhile because for 2 weeks we will be having swimming at our school so we can experience of learning how to swim and new techniques for example, the back stroke , freestyle, and the dolphin dive.Swimming is so much fun.

Edith :D

Saturday, 27 August 2016

Friday, 26 August 2016

Thursday, 25 August 2016

My responsibility as a milk monitor

Image result for milk carton for school
Hi I am writing a blog post because I would like to tell you happy I am to be a milk monitor not just because they get choosen to do something exciting at the end of the year.It is just also a privallage to be a good rolemodels for juniors and maybe even the seniors it is also a great thing to explore because I am also helping my school.

Thank you for listening and remember there's nothing wrong of giving feedback or feedforward
Well see you soon :D :D :D

Olympic fact finder

We are learning more about the olympics so we did a an olympic pop quiz.

Olympics at school

On the 18th of August the senior syndicate at the school had an olympic ceremony and a sports event to celebrate the olympics in Rio de janeiro, Brazil

Olympic rings and the meaning

WALT:Understand the meanings of the five rings since the olympics have come back to visit

ES - The latest Olympic news

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Maryanne Manuyag : How to Blog

If you would like to watch someone hillarious go to this persons blog she is one of the most creative and amazing person Maryanne Manuyag : How to Blog: Here is the last of our CyberSmart movies, before we go back to re-film some of our old movies from this year. Our Movie Masters group wante...

Maryanne Manuyag : How to Use Google Drawing to Share Our Learning

Wow!! Check out this video and blog so awesome and extreme click this link if you would like to see someone inspirational

Maryanne Manuyag : How to Use Google Drawing to Share Our Learning: In Week 9, our aim was to show others how to use Google Drawing. A new student started in the class next door and we were keen to create...

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Monday, 8 August 2016

OREO (Persuasive writing)

Story starts here: I strongly believe that my mum should buy me BK 4 times a week.I deserve Burger king because I always clean my room and the house and I think I deserve an award and I would choose Burger king and in conclusion that is exactly why I need Burger king.

Monday, 25 July 2016

Something I am looking forward (Birthday)

SC:I am writing about something that I am looking forward to in the future.

In the future is something outstanding and something exciting it is the best thing in the world that happens once a year and it is my birthday.I am looking forward to it because we are going to go to rock climbing it is going to be a blast 

A week with my cousin :D :D

IALT:Update my blog and recount my holiday
For my holiday my sister, aunty and uncle went in a plane to the Gold Coast in Australia for my cousins rugby.
 My aunty had her son but she left him with my mum, brother , and I so we can have quality time with our cousin.
We had a blast we got to do amazing activities like 
going to the Museum , Jump , Rock climbing , and Roller skating.   

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Health hoobbies


Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Predict with images

Predict what you think would happen after these pictures were taken.. Then explain what clues in the image made you predict that
What do you predict will happen next?
He will trip and the wires will break because of the water in his hand and a water cooler is right next to him.
What clues in the image made you predict that? There is a bunch of wires so he can trip and he just filled his cup of water up.
What do you predict will happen next?He will throw the water balloons and it might collapse on someone because he must be in a water fight with his friends.
What clues in the image made you predict that?That he has water under his bucket so someone must be throwing them at him and because he is pointing the same was as the balloon.
What do you predict will happen next?He will be chased by a car and will turn into an alley because he might be running from someone who doesn't like him.
What clues in the image made you predict that?
From the fact that he is looking back at the car and turning the opposite of a car so he might be running into an alleyway.
What do you predict will happen next?
I think that he is going to get full and the sandwich will rot and will probably want something more small.
What clues in the image made you predict that?His sandwich is as big as his head and it has a lot of meat in it.