Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Manaiakalani Film festival

Image result for manaiakalaniIntroduction
“Are you going to Manaiakalani” my friend said excitedly, I replied “yeah I really can't wait to see rooms 6 and room 9’s because they look really interesting”.

Was the Manaiakalani what you were expecting??
No not really,because apparently the Manaiakalani schools splitted up into two,so we watched our schools movies and the sommerville special schools movies

What were you expecting??
I was expecting a challenge. I was expecting Pt.England against Glen Taylor against Tamaki Primary.

What really happened!!
Tamaki primary was getting ready to hop on the bus.Once we were on the bus we sat near our buddies in room 6, so for the entire morning I sat near my buddy all morning.

Once we got to Sylvia park Hoyts, we sat in these amazing and comfortable seats, while we were sitting down we watched 16 movies 9 movies from our school and 7 movies from somerville.
It was awesome.

What I learnt!!
While I was  the Sylvia park Hoyts I was realizing that I had learnt that you can make really funny and creative movies.  

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