Friday, 25 November 2016


How did you find EOTC week? (50 words) If had to say I would say “extraordinary”. I would say “extraordinary because of all the adventurous and exciting things we have done this week, and best of all it was with the school so it was like hanging out with your friends, another best thing was that it was also is teaching us how to let  ourselves speak as we are, and that is called “Never being shy.

What was your highlight of the week? (50 words) “My highlight of the week?” they are just words, tough words because we did many cool and amazing tasks like for example: Bowling, Golfing, Slip & Slide, Movies, and team building.So as I said there were many activities to participate in that are exciting, but my highlight was the slip and slide, because it is nice to just cool down especially when summer is right around the corner.

How did you show the key competencies throughout the week? (75 words) I showed the key competencies by participating even if I was down because that is how I roll and you always need to do some sacrifice’s and participate things in the world because it is always good too.I also showed the key competencies because I was relating to others, not giving up and also the right attitude for golfing, and bowling and also other activities, so yes I was showing most of the key competencies and I felt proud and so should you and always participate.

This week was EOTC and it has come to an end so I have written my memories from this unforgettable week

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