Friday, 3 March 2017

G.I Creek

On a beautiful day, Room 7, 4, and 2, all went for a stroll to the G.I creek. It was very fun, because we explored the creek for our inquiry topic, and also to write a recount. It was a handful since I had two buddies, there names were Lynch and Thoo Sah Wah.

As we started walking with our buddies the room 2 teacher, known as Miss Park yelled in a begging tone “CAN WE COME???” most people could not hear as if they were deaf, but Miss Ashley heard and replied in a positive way “Yes If course you can!”. While we were walking the room 7 kids were being role models and walking on the nearest side to the road, so that the younger ones could be nice and safe. During the walk I started getting hot and heating up like a teapot but I still carried on with the journey.

Once we were at the creek we decided,to split up and have half the kids with Miss Ashley and Mrs Tafea with Miss Park by her side. We then explored around the creek. During a peaceful time Coralee excitedly yelled “MRS, MRS, MRS TAFEA IT’S AN EEL!!!”, “ WHAT WHERE?” Mrs Tafea replied loudly with a concerned facial expression. As soon as everyone heard that, Lydia, Viliami, Coralee, and Grace decided to take the opportunity to make the juniors and most of the seniors, have an exciting time and try to FREE THE EEL, to show to everyone that was there. During the adventure Mrs Tafea was trying to get a photo, but every minute it would always try to hide behind, the dirt, the grass, the moss, and the creek that was the colour of a grizzly bear.

The team of Lydia, Viliami, Coralee, and Grace were such a great team, as some were collecting sticks, and 2 others were starting to move away the objects in the sea, as if this was a video game.
After a while Mrs Tafea got sick of waiting and so all the teachers decided that maybe we should go back to the school, and just relax. It was very odd though because I was so exhausted it was like the second trip home was a lot more longer than  the first, but I still carried on.Once we got back to class we had milk, which was absolutely disgusting because it tasted warmer than a microwave, but it was better than nothing.After we had drank our milk we decided to write some key points of the trip, so we can write our recount.There were a lot of ideas about today, which was helpful a lot.

Going to the creek was really fun and I am so excited to do it again. I really hope we can get a photo or video of the eel to present to the school, so we can all show what we were doing for inquiry.

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