Tuesday, 23 May 2017

WAL how much sugar is in different drinks.

Today Room 7 calculated and solved how much sugar were in different drinks, which Miss Ashley searched for, Miss Ashley had drink some, Miss Morrison gave some to Miss Ashley, (Some were even in the Rubbish Bin).Here is a story and picture if you get confused with the words.

We firstly had to see how much sugar was in the drinks Miss had picked out.

Secondly for some drinks we had calculated the per serve to actually find how much was in the drink

Third a random person Miss Ashley had chosen, had to put in a sugar into a type scale machine, while the other people had to tell the person to STOP when the needle had landed on the right amount.

Lastly we put the amount of sugar in the bag, and we put the bottle next to the finished project (SUGAR).

During this activity I found out that the drink V is 26.05 and Coca Cola can is 27 which means Coca Cola is 0.5 more grams then V. I enjoyed this activity. Ohh bonus tip 'I took the photos'.  

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